Home Owners Maintenance Tips

Curb Appeal for Your Home in Spring

Posted on May 11, 2020 in Home Owners Maintenance Tips

Gardening Clip
Most of us are staying at home and practicing Physical Distancing in this terrible Covid-19 Crisis. If you are tired of reading or other inside activities, look at this as a push to get us outdoors. Tackle some of that spring yard work that in normal times, many of us never find enough time to do. The weekend was beautiful .The weatherman says we a...

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Tips for Storage of Garden Tools for Winter

Posted on Nov 01, 2019 in Home Owners Maintenance Tips

It is that time of year. We have been fortunate this year, summer has hung on but the cold weather is coming. You will soon be cutting the grass for the last time and putting away that lawn mower, power washer and trimmer. If you are like me, sometimes we get busy and just leave those items in the garage to clean up at a better time. All of a sudde...

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