Proper Storage of Summer Garden Tools

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  • It is that time of year. Daylight saving time is almost at an end and in just a couple of weeks we will be turning our clocks back and the days will seem so short. I always say the during the summer months we would think nothing of going someplace after dinner. But as night comes earlier, after dinner just seems the time to settle in for the night.
Like it or not, the cold weather is comng soon. You have probably cut the grass for the last time very soon.It is time to put away the patio furniture, mower, power washer and trimmer. If you are like me, sometimes you get busy and just leave those items in the garage or storage shed, to clean up at a better time. All of a sudden, it seems we are in the middle of the winter. I plan to put my patio furniture aways next Saturday.I am having second thoughts since the weather man is forcasting a few warm days this week and I do like to enjoy the outside.However, I reminded myself that in past years I waited and had to do it in the cold with freezing hands.No thanks!
 News had an article a few years ago about the proper storage of summer tool that I think is worth repeating, to my readers, every year at this time.
1) Put your tools away clean and ready for next year. Moisture left by cut grass is very corrosive. Clean up the lawn mower and trimmer especially before you store them. They will last a lot longer
2) Drain the fuel. I learned this the hard way. Gasoline left in fuel tanks can break down and leave deposits and buildup that will plug the fuel system. That can be expensive.

3) Oil it up. Use an oiled cloth to wipe down metal areas and add a few drops of machine oil to moving parts. Spring start-up will go much smother if you don't skip this step.

4) Store out of the weather. If you do not have a garage or a shed, purchase a tarp for protection and be sure to anchor it. This is what I do with our patio furniture. I pile it at the end of the deck and cover it for protection. It will last much longer if you do not leave it out in the elements.Put the cushions,if you have any, in heavy garbage bags to protect them.

5) Recharge the battery. Remember it is a long time between Fall and the first lawn cut of the Spring. Fully recharge the machine's battery during the winter months.

6) Soak the trimmer line in fresh water to maintain its flexibility and ability to handle more strain. 

There you have it. A small list of to do's that will make your life much easier in the Spring.