Increasing Re-Sale Value Through Home Improvements

Posted on Jan 13, 2020 in Home Selling Tips

Increasing the  

Resale Value of Your Home

           with Do-It-Yourself Projects Home Improvements

Home Renovating Tools

  • You have decided that the time is right to put your current home on the market. You may be downsizing because the children have gone off to University or perhaps you have found that dream home you have always wanted. People move for a variety of reasons. There are...

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Chatham-Kent Desirable Location for Seniors

Posted on Jan 06, 2020 in Chatham-Kent Attractions

Erieau Marina

I am always writing that Chatham-Kent is the perfect location to live, work, retire or vacation. This of course, from my viewpoint because I am a Real Estate agent, is the Affordable Lifestyle we have in Chatham-Kent. If you live here you are probably saying what affordability? However if you are coming from other areas, you will agree with me. Som...

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Chatham-Kent is a Caring Giving Community

Posted on Dec 23, 2019 in Chatham-Kent Events

Chatham-Kent The Giving Community

For anyone who follows my blog, I do not have to tell you that I LOVE Chatham-Kent. I was born and raised here in this community and believe in Chatham-Kent and its future. But today, I just wanted to write a few words about how proud I am of the generosity of the people who I live and work beside. As I read the pap...

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Christmas Markets in Dresden and Chatham

Posted on Dec 12, 2019 in Chatham-Kent Events

Christmas Scene

There is so much going on in Chatham-Kent this Holiday season
. If you are searching for a family outing to really feel the magic of the season, make plans to attend some of the Christmas Parades, markets and shows taking place in our own Chatham-Kent.
 First, I want to congratulate the Goodfellows on their 65th successful Porchlight Campaign held la...

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