April 2024

May Bird Migration in Chatham-Kent

Posted on Apr 30, 2024 in Chatham-Kent Attractions

                        Annual Bird Event 'Festival of Flight' Month of May at Rondeau Provincial Park Chatham-Kent

It makes no difference if you are a novice or a seasoned BIRD WATCHER, you have a treat in store for you this upcoming month at Rondeau Provincial Park in CHATHAM-KENT just outside of Chatham. The annual spring migration "Festival Of Flight" attracts thousand...

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Is Purchasing a Home Today a Good Decision?

Posted on Apr 22, 2024 in Home Ownership


Reasons to Buy a home today!

Are you renting and trying to decide if NOW is the time to purchase your First Home? ARE YOU contemplating the purchase of another home to move up or maybe just for investment? Chatham-Kent is the affordable community with many amenities, attractions and events taking place, making this the ideal location to live, raise...

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April is Personal Filing Income Tax Return Month

Posted on Apr 15, 2024 in Human Interest

Most of us are aware that April is Personal Income Tax Return month. By now you probably have all your T4 `s and are ready to finalize your return. if you have no financial experience and have never done your own taxes you may want to consider hiring a professional. In many cases, they are aware of deductions that may lower your taxes due or result...

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April is Cancer Awareness Month

Posted on Apr 09, 2024 in Chatham-Kent Events

Canadian Cancer Society
April is Cancer awareness month. Daffodil Month is the Cancer Society’s signature fundraising initiative held annually in April during Cancer Awarness Month and inspires people to rally together to improve the cancer experience and help people with cancer live longer, fuller lives. Unfortunately, we have all been touched in some way by this terribl...

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Total Solar Eclipse April 8/2024 in Chatham-Kent

Posted on Apr 03, 2024 in Chatham-Kent Events

                                                                               By ESA/CESAR/Wouter van Reeven, CC BY-SA IGO 3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0 igo, 
Chatham-Kent is located directly in the path of totality for the upcoming total solar eclipse happening on April 8th from approximately 2-4:30 P.M. It is an event of a lifetime. The last total eclipse in Ontario was on February 26/1979 in the northern part of the province. The nex...

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