February 2021

Remodel or Move: Questions to Consider

Posted on Feb 27, 2021

Single Family Home

You love your neighborhood You made the choice to live in Chatham-Kent and you are pleased with your decision. You enjoy the many events and attractions in the Chatham-Kent area. The children are involved in sports, maybe not right now with the Covid restrictions but hopefully again in the near future. You may be a senior and looking forward to tak...

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Fergie Jenkins Sports Champion was Born and Raised in Chatham-Kent

Posted on Feb 22, 2021 in Human Interest

This is the last week of February and the month our country has set aside to celebrate Black History. As I have said many times in my blogs.” Chatham-Kent is steeped in Black History.” This month I have written 3 blogs on my website about some individuals who have ties to Chatham-Kent and made history in their own differnt paths of life. To that en...

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North Buxton Born Artist's Work Shown in Oval Office

Posted on Feb 16, 2021 in Chatham-Kent Attractions

February is Black History Month and if you read my blogs you know I have recently written about 2 on-line events taking place this month with close ties to Chatham-Kent. We, here in this area, are very fortunate to have several Black History sites in our mist.
I read an article about an exceptional black artist with roots to Chatham-Kent and wanted...

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New Black History Film Showing This Month Feb. 2021

Posted on Feb 15, 2021 in Chatham-Kent Events

Filmmaker, Angel Panag hopes that the new documentary about Chatham-Kent’s Black Communities will show younger people stories that they are not currently aware of or have never heard, regarding Black History and Culture in Chatham-Kent. The North Star: Finding Black Mecca directed by Panag and Torrin Blades covers some history of Chatham, Dresden a...

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Winter Sports in CK in Full Swing

Posted on Feb 08, 2021 in Chatham-Kent Attractions

We here in Chatham-Kent have experienced a milder Winter than the last few years. Although the snow fall is considerably lower than last year, we have had a little of the white stuff in certain areas. Although I am not fond of shovelling or digging out, I for one, am very happy that the temperatures are at least cold enough to let the Lakes and Riv...

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