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February is Black History Month? Explore Chatham-Kent

Posted on Feb 06, 2023 in Chatham-Kent Events


If you or your family have never attended any of the Chatham-Kent Events or Site Tours that take place each year in February to celebrate Black History Month you have missed out. Ontario first proclaimed February as Black History Month in 1993 to mark the 200th anniversary of a law banning the importation of slaves into Upper Canada. Since that tim...

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Chatham-Kent is a Giving, Caring Community

Posted on Dec 12, 2022 in Chatham-Kent Events

Christmas Scene

Christmas is a wonderful time of year when family and friends get together, reflect and give thanks for their blessing and of course, probably eat and drink a little too much. However, many of us realize that this is not the case for all families. Perhaps there has been the loss of a close family or friend, one of your family ,a good friend or an a...

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The Gift Campaign is Back Sat. Nov. 19/22 at Noon

Posted on Nov 14, 2022 in Chatham-Kent Events

A Gift

The Mega food, toy, gift and fundraising drive which got its start back in May of 2020 is scheduled for this Saturday, Nov 19/22 at noon. Chatham-Kent has proven many times in the past what a giving, caring, community it is and how we have always risen to the needs of others in our midst. With the help of a volunteer army, the drive reaches the ent...

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First Chatham-Kent Crowfest Oct 12-15/22

Posted on Oct 11, 2022 in Chatham-Kent Events

This first time event is a four day celebration taking place this weekend in Chatham's Historic Downtown and Tecumseh Park from Wednesday Oct 12 until Saturday Oct 15/22. The festivities pay homage to the clever crow as well as making the best of the event’s proximity to Halloween. There was a time that crows were a problem in Chatham-Kent. The mun...

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Last 2 CK Auto Show of Summer '22

Posted on Sep 07, 2022 in Chatham-Kent Events


The Art Kemp Memorial Car Show is this weekend Sept. 10 from 4 A.M. until 1 P.M. at 104 Railroad St. in Thamesville. They arrive early and line up for the crowds to have their last look at some of the vintage automobiles of the past who come out to our many Chatham-Kent shows of the summer.
Saturday is also the last Coffee and Cars at RM Restoratio...

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Wallaceburg Wambo is Back This Weekend Aug. 12-14/22 

Posted on Aug 10, 2022 in Chatham-Kent Events

Classic Car

This coming weekend August 12-14th, is the 33rd Annual Wallaceburg Wambo. We are winding down in our line-up of Classic Car Events for Chatham-Kent. There are just 3 left for the year. The series starting with Chatham Retro Weekend in May and finishes with two more events on September 10th, the Art Kemp Memorial Car Show in Thamesville and the last...

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