January 2023

Chatham-Kent Rated as Top Growth City

Posted on Jan 21, 2023 in Chatham-Kent

Map Of SW Ontario
According to the rental company U-Haul, Chatham is the top growth city in the nation. The results of the surey come from U-Haul’s growth index, which studies customer moves during 2022. There was a drop in the index from 2021 of 12% but departures dropped by more than 23% These figures translate to definite gains for Chatham. Less people are moving...

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January Is Alzheimers Awareness Month

Posted on Jan 17, 2023 in Human Interest

Alzeihmer Socitey Logo

Unfortunately, far too many people have received a dementia diagnosis in our society. Many of us do not know much about the course of the disease or its progressions but according to the Chatham-Kent Alzheimer’s Society , this does not mean your life is over. Research shows that an early diagnosis with proper intervention can help slow down the pro...

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Global Chocolate Maker Commits to Huge Chatham Expansion

Posted on Jan 09, 2023 in Chatham-Kent Business'

Cllebaut Chocolate

The Barry Callebaut Group, a global chocolate manufacturer who have been doing business in Chatham-Kent for over a decade have recently announced a $100-million investment into its current facility located in Chatham. Their parent company is located in Zurich, Switzerland with a total of 13,000 employees around the world. The Chatham facility emplo...

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Home Decorating After the Holidays

Posted on Jan 02, 2023 in Home Decorating

The Christmas Season is officially over. You probably have packed the decorations away for another year. I still see a few sparkling twinkle lights and lit Christmas trees through the windows of some homes, owners reluctant to end the season, especially this one touched by so many restrictions, sickness and hardship. We all react differently. We ha...

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