Tips for Home Security

Safe Home
More and more people are travelling today, some for short periods and some for the winter months. That is a blessing you may enjoy. However, if you own a home here in Chatham-Kent or in another location, there are some steps you should take before leaving on holidays to ensure your homecoming is peaceful. 
1) Invest in a Home Security System that is monitored by a security company. Don't rely on your pet to alert neighbors.Home Security System
2) Install cameras at front and rear of home. Robbers want to get in and out in a hurry and do not want to be caught in the act on camera. If they see the cameras, chances are they will move on to an easier target.
3) Install laminate windows. Robbers are looking for easy prey and do not want problems before they enter your home. A regular basement or patio door are easily broken for access especially if you do not have motion sensors on door and windows which are always a good idea.
4) Make sure your locks and doors are sturdy and not easily picked or forced. We have all seen TV shows where a handy pin or a good push will yield quick entry. Don’t let that be your entry door.
5) Hide valuables and never leave them in open sight. Home invaders want to get in and out in a hurry and if valuables are securely hidden, chances are they will only take what is easy to grab, like electronics, not valuable jewelry or family heirlooms.
6) If you are away for an extended period, always have someone pick up the mail and stop the paper. Nothing alerts a thief as much as a stack of mail bulging from the mail box or papers piled up at the door.
7) Put lights in various rooms in the home on a timer if you are away for an extended period. Don't always have the same lamp come on. That is a dead give-away that you are not home and the lighting is electronic.
8) NEVER ADVERTISE THAT YOU ARE AWAY! With social media today, you cannot be careful enough. People post pictures of that beautiful sunset they are enjoying while on holidays. This is a sign that you are not home and probably will not return for a week or two, perhaps for months.
Unfortunately, we all have to be extra  cautious. In the good old days especially in the country where everyone knew everyone, people left their doors unlocked and nothing ever went missing. It is a different world today and we have to be diligent in protecting our property. Enjoy your time away with a feeling of peace by taking just a few precautionary steps.