January Is Alzheimers Awareness Month

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Unfortunately, far too many people have received a dementia diagnosis in our society. Many of us do not know much about the course of the disease or its progressions but according to the Chatham-Kent Alzheimer’s Society , this does not mean your life is over. Research shows that an early diagnosis with proper intervention can help slow down the progressions of the disease. Life style changes which encourage brain health can help delay Dementia onset and its progression if you have been diagnosed. Recently the society published some helpful lifestyle changes that I believe need re-stating

1) Exercise your brain with new cognitive exercises. Like learning a new language or doing puzzles.
2)Protect your head from injury, while playing sports, riding a bike or snowmobile or other dangerous activities. Always wear a helmet.
3) Continue to be physically active. Walking is one of the best ways to accomplish this. If the weather is bad opt for a stationary bike or perhaps a tread-mill.
4)Quit smoking and reduce alcohol intake.
5) Take care of your overall health. See a Doctor regularly.
6) Stay socially active. Interaction with others stimulates your brain.
7) Eat a health diet with fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts. If your diet is lacking, consume food supplements from a reliable source to compliment your intake and assure you stay healthy. There are health question surveys to help you narrow down your deficiencies.
For more information and the services offered by the Chatham-Kent Alzheimer’s Society call 519-352-1043