Wallacebug To Be Home of the Newest  CK Craft Brewery

Craft Breweries are certainly popular today in Chatham-Kent and in many other communities we have visited this summer. We are fortunate here in this area to have Bayside in Erieau, Sons of Kent in Chatham and the Red Barn Brewing south of Charing Cross. They all have their own unique blends and I am sure you will find your favorite at each of the locations. We are about to have a new addition to the line-up, Glasstown Brewing Company on James St. in Downtown Wallaceburg, The new owners say the beer should be flowing by October.
Construction has begun for the new venture. The existing building close to the Library has been vacant for some time. The new owners, the Shepley family, particulary Todd Shepley have big plans for the building. Allie Burgess will manage the operations. The Brewery will be the main unit of the complex along James St. with a Bistro next door and and a café in the unit closest to the library. What a great idea! Pick up a good book at the library and stop for a coffee and pastry at the café.
They are not stopping there. The second phase of the construction, the second floor will have 5 suites, a mini-hotel. Construction of the building dates back to the 1800’s and has it own history. The family wants to showcase as much of the original brick as possible and are restoring what they can of the old building. They also plan to salute the blue collar workers who were the backbone of Wallaceburg. Libbey Canada in its day employed about 500 people for decades at their Wallaceburg plant. My wife’s family are originally from Wallaceburg and her uncles and it seemed all their friends, worked at the factory until their retirement. The Shepley Family hopes to turn the new venture into an Ontario Destination.
Let’s all follow their progess and plan to attend their opening. One more destination to visit in Chatham-Kent. You know my Motto for Chatham-Kent “ IT IS ALL HERE ALL YEAR’
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