Shannon Price Wins Heritage Award

Uncle Tom's Cabin

We are so fortunate here in Chatham-Kent to have one of our own, Shannon Prince, curator of the Buxton National Historic Site and Museum, bring so much of her knowledge and passion for Black History to our community.. She is a decendent of freed slaves and has spent her life teaching and sharing the story of the Underground Railway and Elgin Settlement. She and her Husband, Bryan, farm land that was originally part of the Elgin Settlement. She has been curator since 1999 and she and her husband Bryan, an historian and author, have spent much of their lives sharing and teaching the history of freed slaves and our area, especially, Buxton with its significance to the Underground Railway
Price recently received the Thomas Symons Award for Commitment to Conservation, an Ontario Heritage Trust Award. Shannon Price is a humble woman whose passion and legacy it is to share black history. When asked about her life’ s work, I have heard that she says she does not regard it as work. That is the true mark of someone with a mission who is loving the journey.
With Covid Restrictions loosening, the Museum is open in March with an appointment and in April open to public, Mon to Fri. Come, bring your children and learn about the Black History of Chatham-Kent. It is March break. Why not plan a day to visit one or more of our museums.Milner House Museum You will love it and so will the children
Congratulations Shannon on your great accomplishment!.