Small Plates, Latest Dining Experience in Chatham

 Gentry Manor

 If you are not familiar with Gentry Manor in Chatham, you have missed something great. Gentry Manor located at 9 Park St. was formerly the Masonic Temple for those who do not go back that far in Chatham Kent. More than 20 years ago, James Lizotte and Thomas Smith had a dream and a vision. They transformed this Historic Building into a destination and a pretty fantastic one at that. They have worked hard and have continued to enlarge that vision. This beautiful restored building now houses a salon, a gift shop with unique and beautiful items, a women’s designer boutique where you can find whatever your heart desires and the latest addition, Gift shop at Gentry ManorSmall Plates, a dining experience where you can enjoy a fantastic meal accompanied by a refreshing drink and some great comraderie, inside and out.Small Plates Patio
 Thomas posts images of their latest creations and I dare anyone not to want to try them.
Congratulation to these two and what they have accomplished especially with their latest addition, Small Plates, in these challenging times. It is definitely a story of determination and what is possible when you have a dream and you are willing to work for it. I always say “If the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count” All the success in the future to these two Entrepeneurs! We in Chatham-Kent are fortunate to have individuals with such vision in our community