Home Decorating After the Holidays

The Christmas Season is officially over. You probably have packed the decorations away for another year. I still see a few sparkling twinkle lights and lit Christmas trees through the windows of some homes, owners reluctant to end the season, especially this one touched by cold, flu and respiratory bugs that are going around.. We all react differently. My wife on the other hand wanted to decorate early and leave up the decorations long past the usual deadline, saying they gave her a lift. Each to their own.  Regardless of how you feel about Christmas decorating and how much you actually did, the house seems bare to most when they are put away.. We, here at our home always feel it looks festive but full when we are all lit up for Christmas but after, something seems to be definitely missing.
Ok. Those are the facts. We are only in January and we all still have several dreary months ahead indoors before we can sit on our porches or decks and enjoy the sunshine. What is the answer?” Add a little snap to those rooms. Here are a few decorating ideas, inexpensive but with great results.

1) If you have a large potted plant either real or artificial, use those timers you used to turn on the tree and the other Christmas lights, buy an inexpensive spot light and light those plants from below. Time them to come on at dark and give the room an inviting glow.spot light on potted plant
2) Use battery candles to add an additional glow. They come in all sizes and can be programmed to come on at dark and turn off at bedtime. Use a large clear hurricane jar, put some clear glass beads or sand in the bottom from the dollar store and set your candle or candles inside. Wow! It is a great look. If you do not have a glass jar, buy a mirror square from the dollar store and 3 or 4 sizes of the candles and make a little candle arrangement with the battery candles. Candles in glass jars
Very safe, no danger of candle fires and a nice warm glow to your room.

3) Texture is always a great way to make a room inviting. If you do not have a throw or two on your sofa or chair, then invest in a warm cozy one. Add a couple of matching pillows. We have one on our living room sofa and the grandchildren are drawn to it like a magnet. Even if they are not cold, they snuggle up under the blanket and lay their heads on the cozy pillows. We always know where to find them.

4) If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, for heavens sake light it We are guilty in our house. It seems we only light it on special occasions and even then sometimes forget to do so. It is a gas fireplace for heavens sake. Make it a habit. They do not take that much gas and the effect is well worth the price. What a better way to make a room inviting, not for company but for you to enjoy?fireplace

5) Last but not least, add a little color. Statistically, in this area of the country, we have a lot of dark dreary days at this time of year. Add a splash of color to your rooms. You do not have to paint the walls unless you really want to. You can achieve a similar effect by adding a new colorful throw ( animal prints are in) some matching pillows and if your are feeling really frisky, maybe a new area carpet.color

There you have it a new look for post Christmas. Have fun and make it yours to enjoy!