Christmas Decorating to Lift Your Spirits

Merry Christmas
This year will be a different Christmas for many of us
. None of us knows what the next couple of weeks will bring with new Covid Restriction happening every day. It has been a very rough year for many and will continue to be. Our hearts go out to all the front-line workers and those who have suffered in so many different ways.
I believe we are all in need of a lift. What better way than to add a little Christmas cheer to our surroundings. We may not be able to have friends and family over to celebrate together but why not decorate for yourself. Most people underestimate that aspect of Christmas decorating. Most of my followers know that my wife is an Interior Decorator and as a result she helps me with my blogs relating to home decorating.
Here are a few ideas to raise your spirits. Enjoy!

1.) Christmas Trees:
We personally cut back on our Christmas Interior Decorating a few years ago when we downsized our home. However, we may have traded the 9 Ft. oversized Christmas trees for pencil treesChristmas Tree
 but we somehow grew to probably 5 this year. One will do. Don’t panic. This is a wonderful alternative if your space is at a minimum. There are narrow pre-lit pencil trees which fit into any corner and the one-size up, slender tree if you have a little more space. Now the tree issue is solved. These smaller trees are reasonably priced and come in a small box for storage after the holidays. Watch the sale flyers for the best prices.

2). Now for Decorating the Tree. You may have given some of your treasured ornaments to your grown children to enjoy but a little can go a long way. The Dollar Stores have lots to choose from. Remember the trees are pre-lit so a few well -placed ornaments, some inexpensive pine cones and some sprigs of holly will create a masterpiece. Some stores even sell small bags of all this together and your set to go. My wife however, enjoys the hunt so whatever works for you.
Table olrnaments3.) Table Accessories. Again, we gave a lot away when we moved, like the Christmas Village with all the houses and the ice rink with the miniature children figures skating and playing on sleds.  However, the Nativity Scene is still front and centre at our home but the choice is yours. Remember this is for YOU. Whatever you put on your tables, add perhaps a battery candle, a little greenery and maybe an ornament with a touch of ribbon. Magic! an inexpensive table arrangement. 

4.) Updating your Table Accessories for Christmas. You may not want to put your accessories away and put others out. Then, just change them a little. Glass vases filled with Christmas bulbs and a tiny string of mini-lights interwoven among the ornaments gives a great look and it is simple. My wife had one full of sea shells so she just swapped the contents. The little lights can be programmed to stay on for 8 hours so you don’t have to go around and switch them on every day. Wrap them around an existing table ornament to add a festive touch.

5). Greenery laying here and there with a little red or gold embellishment and a few lights will certainly add a festive touch

6) Now add a little greenery to the front porch or a home- made wreath. A little walk in the woods and some wire can give your everything you need.
proch urn
There is so much we can do to pick up our spirits. Decorating of course, is one of my wife’s choices. Try it this year just for yourself and I know you will be happy with the results. It is early but with the snow outside and a few decorations inside, you will feel happier. Enjoy one of the many Christmas movies on TV or crank up the Christmas Tunes and sing along. We will all be forgiven for being a little early, especially this year. We all need it!
Always remember those less fortunate and Chatham-Kent residents certainly excel at that with the latest tally of the Goodfellows Gift Drive.You can still donate on-line or send cheuqes in the mail.
May your Christmas be joyful, happy and full of love!