Safety Tips for Children Returning to the Classroom

Labor Day is approaching and most of the children will be back to school next week. With the Covid Pandemic, we have had experienced since March, a time of not seeing school buses dropping off children, school guard crossings and children walking in groups to school has become the norm. September 8, next Tuesday, this will all change. This is going to be a challenging time for parents, children and teachers as they return to the classroom.We all have to do our part. It is a new world as we all know. Children will be wearing masks as they walk to school with friends and masks often decrease visibility for the wearer.We need to be extra cautious and make safety a priority! Here are a few tips to keep us on guard and keep our children safe.
1) Never pass a school bus when the lights are on and it is stopped or preparing to stop. Children are being let off and may be crossing the road. School Bus

2) Watch for school guard crossings on the city streets. They are there for everybody's safety.
3)Beware of children walking on subdivision streets. Remember, often there are no sidewalks and they may not be as aware of automobiles as they should  
be. It is up to us, the driver to watch. 
Children on City Streets
4) Watch for bicycles. You will probably see more younger people on their bikes on city streets making their way to school. Some are not so steady so cut a wide berth.Bicycle
Let's make this school year a safe one. It will be if everyone does their part.