New Business Opens in Chatham-Kent

                                       New Business EnviroPro Opens in Chatham-Kent                             We are all aware of the hardships that the Covid-19 Pandemic has caused my individuals. Many business’ have been closed leaving Employees and Business Owners themselves without an income. Our heart goes out to the many that have been affected by this terrible crisis in any way.
 I do have a good news story however to share. During this stressful time many people have been forced to think outside of the box. Brent Denure owner of Affinity Distinctive Jewellery and Ten-Seven Café and Lounge is one of those individuals. He recently founded EnviroPro with Rob Browning and Kevin McKim. Brent said he had a friend with 20 years experience in this type of business and he offered support to the new venture. Denure took the idea to Browning who preciously worked for our Municipality and McKim, a friend who is an engineer and has a background in Chemicals. They agreed to move forward and decided to start their new business and provide decontamination service to Home Owners, Business’ and Organizations in Ontario. A connection in Indiana gave them the knowledge to purchase the proper equipment and the best products and solutions to apply disinfectant agents. 
The technicians use a sprayer which uses an electrostatic charge with the treatment solution to maximize “ the effectiveness of the treatment to all angles of the surface envelope whether horizonal, vertical angled, shadowed or underneath” As of opening the company ,there are 4 employees and hopefully will need more as they expand to the Hamilton area. Each rig unit will allow them to clean about 10,000 square feet per day. Denure said the products they use are very friendly . They hope to focus on retail spaces, doctor and dental offices’, service vehicles, restaurants , hotels, air B&B and residential homes.
Best luck to this new Business, EnviroPro which I believe will be a real asset to Chatham-Kent.