Chatham-Kent Business' Reach Out to Help 

Chatham-Kent Civic Centre
This is an unprecedented time in our world today and none of us know when it will end. The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected all of us in different ways and my heart goes out to all those who have family and friends who are sick or have lost their jobs or business’ as a result of this virus. I could not write anything today without including a heartfelt thank you to all the front line workers and first responders who are risking their lives to help the rest of us stay safe. We can never say enough or express how grateful we are to all of you. As I was reading the paper today and watching the 11 P.M. news, I could not help but reflect on how this terrible time has brought out the good in so many people. From the stories on TV about strangers reaching out to seniors and grocery shopping for them, people standing in front of senior’s residences with signs to encourage the residents and workers and even drive-by birthday greeting to those who would normally be celebrating with family and friends. One father in Toronto who’s son missed his little league baseball team arranged clips of all the players and the coaches throwing the ball and then put them all together to simulate a game. Isn’t it amazing how creative people are getting and how lucky we are to have the technology we have today. Families are getting together and chatting on-line. People are connecting with friends and people they have not seen for years just to touch base and see how they are doing
Chatham-Kent Business’ are joining in this great spirit of reaching out with a helping hand. Eleven Business have joined forces to produce 1300-1400 litres of hand sanitizer. Abstract Marketing Inc. president Andrew Thiel came up with the idea after hearing about a distillery making sanitizer for health care workers and first responders. He said his calls for help to community business’ were met with immediate yes’ and all were willing to help. Some are helping with actual manufacturing, some with ingredients, some with supplies such as labels and bottles and other with financial aid and transportation.
Another Chatham-Kent Business, Autoliv in Tilbury is producing medical gown material to outfit front-line workers during the pandemic. The plant normally makes side-curtain airbags and was scheduled to shut down on April 9. The gown design is woven directly into the fabric, reducing the need to cut and sew seams. The material is then sent to the apparel manufacturers. They cut the perimeter out , do the final markings and the final touches and they are ready to be shipped out. Plant manager Ryan Stevens said this latest undertaking is a good fit for their company’s Mission to save lives.
Other companies are making masks and I even saw where some individuals were sewing masks at home with fabric complete with a pocket to put a filter They are using coffee filters. Meals on Wheels is continuing to deliver meals to shut-ins and Beth Noorenberghe, volunteer and services coordinator, says the need is even greater for the program today during the pandemic.The volunteers are taking extra precautions in the delivery process and their service is great appreciated.
 Chatham-Kent has come through and once again as I have reported many times. We are a giving caring community! Keep up the good work everyone. We all appreciate what you are doing for our community.