Safety Tips for Halloween Trick or Treaters

Safety is the number one issue on Hallowe'en Night.We moved into town from the country a few years ago and do not have many children in the neighborhood. As a result we do not see many Trick or Treaters on Halloween night. We enjoy seeing the little ones so we usually have the grandchildren come in and help with the handing out of the treats. Here are a few safety tips.

1) Be sure to put the porch lights are on at dusk to let the Trick or Treaters know you are home.If you do not want to answer the door, try to turn off the lights and go downstairs if possible, leaving the house in darkness. Parents, especially, will know the signs and skip your house.

2) Be mindful that some people are still not comfortable with one on one contact. If you answer the door with a mask on and hand the treats to the children with a reacher ( you can buy one at the Dollar Store.) it will put parents and children at ease.


3) When giving out treats, try to give something wholesome. Apples used to be great but unfortunately not a good idea today unless you know the home owner personally. Additionally, home made treats like candy apples and popcorn balls were well appreciated in the past but not today. If you chose something homemade for the neighborhood children you know well, it is still recommended that you add your name, address and phone number to the treat. Better to give packaged treats.

4) The younger children often go with a parent but will one day be on their own. Teach them safety in walking the streets. If there are sidewalks, great, use them, but subdivisions don't always have them. Walk along the edge of the road or on the grass if possible.

5) Always watch for traffic and cars moving up the street. No darting across the road in the dark, especially you older children. Remember a lot of the costumes are black and do not provide drivers with good vision. Some of the candy bags the children carry are "Glow in the Dark" material and they are an excellent idea. 

 Drivers Beware! the children will be out at dust and in the dark so always be extra cautious if you have to drive somewhere.

6) When children return home, have a parent or someone responsible go over the contents before they eat anything. In today's times, it is a good idea to wipe the outer packaging with disinfectant just to be safe. Happily, there have not been any instances of dangerous objects found in treats for several years but it is always better to be cautious. Allergic reactions are also a huge concern today so advise your children not to try the treats while they are out until you can examine the contents of their loot.

Have fun, be safe and enjoy the night! Hopefully the weather will be good!